Sunday, July 15, 2012

“What matters most in learning is attitude. The attitude of the teacher.”

Hello family and friends!

It seems AGES since we last "spoke".  This week has been looong.  What even happened?

Well, my poor little Nancy Drew (aka my greenie daughter Sister Hardy) got sick last week.  She got really dizzy and then started throwing up.  I was quite concerned, to say the least.  We eventually figured out that she was majorly dehydrated.  It's been over 100 degrees here everyday and it turns out if you don't drink water, you sweat it all away really fast.  And then die.  So, we have been going through water like dusty desert travellers this past week, and thankfully we haven't had any more problems!  Well, our apartment has been pretty oven-like, actually, but we've solved that by doing some of our studies in the nearby McDonald's (it has air-conditioning... and milkshakes).  We're all about creative solutions here :P

We had basically all of our investigators cancel last week, so we got to finding a lot in the extreme heat.  We opted to go tracting, as we got to stand in the slighter cooler interiors of buildings, and we met a lot of interesting people!  (Well, I guess we always meet lots of interesting people... it's kind of part of missionary work haha)  But we met this one dog whisperer lady who knew all the people in her building (as pretty much every Hungarian owns a dog) and was able to tell us exactly who we should go look up in the building and around that might be interested in our message.  That kind of rocked, even though she herself wasn't interested at all.  Then, this other guy opened the door to us while on the phone and immediately said, "Come in, come in!"  He ushered us into his kitchen and told his phone friend, "The Mormons are here!  I got to go!  I'm curious about them!" and then hung up.  After that, we just had a very random discussion with him after that.  (Happens quite a bit.)  He basically just told us all of the reasons we were wrong (it was actually kind of funny-- he would ask me a question and no matter what I would say I was wrong.  For instance, "Is there something in your life that would be tragic to lose?"  I said, "Yes, my family."  He shook his head.  "Wrong!  God is the only thing to be afraid of losing."  I mean, I got his point... but I think we were both right haha.  Or like when I prayed, he told me I did wrong by thanking God only for today... I should have thanked him for tomorrow too.).  But, anyways, overall, he was nice... and brought us water!  We also met a cool guy from Africa who spoke French and Hungarian.  He was super nice (I wish I could've remembered more of my French to say to him... but, heck, Hungarian is destroying my English badly enough at this point... my French is long gone :P) and Sister Hardy and I are planning on dropping by with a French Book of Mormon for him (he speaks Hungarian very well but can't read it!).  And we have about a billion more interesting stories (lots of them involving people not wearing clothes) from our tracting adventures.  We have a really awesome week set up this week, directly due to all of our finding efforts last week.  Yay for working hard!

We had an awesome P-Day this past week.  Worked in the morning, then we went to Gyula, a cute little town with a castle that we were able to go to a couple of weeks ago.  This time, though, we were able to actually go into the castle, where we saw all sorts of relics and rooms.  There was one room full of ancient weapons.  Elder Velasquez was standing in front of a giant wavy sword that was longer than I tall.  He looked at the sword, looked at me, and then busted up laughing.  He told me that he thought it the perfect weapon for me, and just was imagining me dragging this giant sword alongand then swinging it.  I figured I could give it the old tennis swing haha.  Our whole district was able to dress up (see attached picture), try some food, and get rained on.  Pretty epicly fun.  Drove back to Szeged, ate a GIANT watermelon, and got really sticky.  Went to see a play that night (the play itself was pretty bad unfortunately... but the location was epic!  They performed it on the steps of the Nagy Dóm ("Big Cathedral") here in Szeged), and then we went to bed nice and tired.  Loong, but fun, day.  (I really appreciate the opportunity to experience Europe while I am here!)

I gave another talk in church on Sunday.  Didn't have a lot of time to prepare it during the week, so I wrote it before church.  It went pretty well, though.  I talked about how we need to develop a love for the scriptures and the gospel before we can teach it and challenged everyone to up their scripture study.  (Based some of my remarks off of this talk.)  I also got to help teach Primary a little bit (Hungarian kids are the cutest) and went to Young Women's and helped out there.  We manage to stay pretty busy here!

Then, this week (the past couple of days) has already been pretty crazy (which is why I am emailing on a Wednesday, not a Monday), but I will save all those details for my next email.

Till then, read your scriptures!  Love life!

Love you all!
Kramer Nővér aka McKenna

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