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Feel free to send me more brownie mixes :P - Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello all!

Well, this week has flown and crawled all at the same time.  Time goes really weird on a mission.

It seems like a billion years ago, but we had a really great district meeting this past Tuesday.  We had some great trainings and goals.  I think we have a pretty good district (consisting of the Adamsék, Nealy Elder, Velasquez Elder (who was in my district for two transfers in Kispest), Sister Hardy, and me).  I also think we have the mission's shortest district, with Velasquez Elder ringing in at the tallest at a grand 5'8" (maybe 5'9") haha.
We actually had a Géza feast this past week, even though it is not the end of transfers.  Géza made one of his classic legendary multi-course meals to celebrate Nik's baptism, and so the missionaries, Nik, and a couple members did our best to stuff ourselves silly in order to properly celebrate the event.  It was quite the introduction of Hungarian food to my little greenie (who I've decided to christen Nancy Drew, btw.  So if I ever call her that, you'll know who I am talking about.), who did her momma proud by packing more food in than half the room despite her five foot tall stature.

Other news-- We blitzed Békéscsaba this past week with the elders.  Sister Hardy and I were really able to help the sisters there, who have been struggling a little bit.  We got there on Friday night, talked, painted our toenails, and made brownies.  AMERICAN brownies.  (What more could a girl ask for?)  Needless to say, we greatly enhanced the mood :)  And then the next day, we were able to help them with their work.  I feel very lucky to have been able to help a lot of the other sisters out here!

We had our first English class of the cycle this past week, which meant we fliered a lot to try and get new people to come.  It worked, with over 40 people coming collectively to our class (which is really good) and 20 of them new!  I survived teaching the intermediate class for the first time (although it was basically just full of nénis... who found me adorable.  It's a néni thing.).

One of my favorite stories from this past week: Sister Hardy and I had an adventure trying to make a pumpkin cake.  Our can opener was broken and we needed to get at the conveniently squished pumpkin at it.  So, I went over to our next-door neighbor, whom we have taught before, to ask if she had a can-opener.  I brought the can and opener for helpful explanation and she had me come inside while looking for her own can-opener.  She couldn't find hers, but took the can from me and proceeded to demonstrate how I should open the can without an opener.  She took a small knife and placed the tip against the top of the can.  Then this sweet tiny 80 year old néni in her sundress took a giant butcher knife out of her drawer and proceeded to bang the handle of the small knife with the flat of the butcher blade until she had made a hole.  Handing the can back to me, she told me to watch out for my hands and fingers.  "It's dangerous, you know?"  Haha.  I ultimately had one of our upstairs neighbors, a bácsi in his boxers, open it with a real can opener.  (I like my fingers, what can I say?)

Anyways, I don't have a lot of time to write this week.  Just know that I really appreciate all of the love and support you all are showing!  You rock :)

Kramer Nővér aka McKenna

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