Sunday, July 22, 2012

Learn from the past. Look to the future. Live for today!!!!

Dear family and friends,

Definitely had a funny experience coming into the email place today.  We walked in and this black man started speaking French to us.  I was understandably a little confused.  He switched to English when we told him we were from America (and he started calling us Beyonce haha).  But his English was super bad, so the conversation was a little hard.  He was super excited when he learned we were Christian.  ("I like Jesus!  Jesus good!  You talk to Jesus?")  The question we finally got to, though, was "When can we pray together?"  And I was a little suspicious of his intentions (Is he trying to ask us out?) because stuff like that happens.  However, he called his other French friend over, who explained they were Christian and wanted an opportunity to go to church.  So we gave them the address and time.  Chatted for a little bit (they are soccer players from Paris apparently!).  And finished with high fives haha.

Anyways, our week was great!  Crazy, but great :)

We had Zone Conference this past Thursday, where we had the opportunity to meet with our new president!  He gave an inspiring training, encouraging us to rise to the challenge of being better missionaries!  He cited the Alamo.  For those of you unfamiliar with the story, the soldiers at the Alamo were fighting of Santa Ana's army to buy time for the American army in Texas to get bigger and more prepared.  It came to the point where the leader of the Alamo knew they would all die if they didn't leave, but looked in his heart and decided that he was willing to die to give the American army a chance and to defend freedom.  He called his men together and told them what he decided, then drew a line in the sand.  He asked them if they were willing to fight with him, and every single person except for one stepped across the line.  President Smith said that we need to draw the line in our own lives and really commit ourselves to the missionary cause!  It was neat :)  I was also able to interview with him for a little bit, and I really like him.  He seems reasonable, with a great sense of humor and dedication to helping us be the best missionaries we can be.  Good combination!

After Zone Conference, we actually went on splits.  I came back to Szeged with Sister Hudspeth (we decided we basically count as companions at this point since we've been on splits so many times!) and Sister Hardy went to Kecskemét.  It was great!  We had a ton of programs with new investigators here in Szeged (met with the train guy who came to church!), which was awesome!  Sister Hardy was able to spread her wings in a different area, which was such a confidence booster for her.  We were so happy to be reunited, though!  We really are a perfect pair :)

Other exciting news:  Had a Pioneer Fireside on Saturday and the speaker (the bishop from a nearby city) talked about pioneers.  During his talk, he mentioned my great-great-grandpa Hill who was the first missionary called to serve in Hungary speaking the Hungarian language!  It was so cool because I was translating for Sister Adams and when he mentioned "Elder Hill", I started and told her, "He's talking about my Great-great grandpa!"  She was so excited and thought I should raise my hand and tell everyone right there, but I refrained :P  People found out afterwards and for a few minutes, I was a sort of celebrity of the Hungarians!  (It was fun, though!  He talked about Grandpa Hill for awhile and quoted stuff from his journal-- including a quote I found very comforting in the MTC "If the dogs and horses can understand this language, I can too!" or something to that effect haha.)  On Sunday, Sister Hardy gave her first talk in church and ROCKED it!  I am so proud of my daughter :)  She is an amazing missionary!

Anyways, I have to run, but I LOVE YOU ALL!

McKenna aka Kramer Nővér

P.S. I hit my YEAR MARK on my mission on FRIDAY!  Time is FLYING!!!!

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