Sunday, July 15, 2012

This will be short, sorry!

Hello family and friends!

Due to a series of weird events, I only have a couple of minutes to tell you all about my packed and great week!  Gah!

To summarize very very quickly:

Monday I was in Budapest for Greenie Training for Sister Hardy.  I was able to meet the President for just a moment and then we had a short training with him and our greenies (they had a full day of getting residency permits and trainings... our part was just at the end).  He seems great!   He emphasized the white handbook and really striving to be great missionaries :)  I will have more of an opportunity to meet him this Thursday at Zone Conference.

We went on splits again this past week.  Sister Hardy had an awesome experience leading an older sister around Szeged and through programs.  I am so glad we were able to do this because it was such a big confidence builder for her :)  She really is an amazing missionary!  Sometimes we just need reminders of how capable we are (especially after being totally culture shocked in a new country).  We have been able to work very hard and well this week together.  We actually got standard!

We had to teach the YSA Institute class this past Thursday.  It was on (surprise, surprise) missionary work!  We talked about how we need to let our lights shine, both through example and words.  We talked about how we can share the gospel with everyone.  And then we role played (which they surprisingly liked)!  I had been really nervous because I didn't have a lot of time to prepare for the class, but it went great, with everyone participating, learning, and having a great time!

Saturday, we did service at a dog shelter.  We were able to play with the little dogs (our investigator, Evelin, got into her head I was deathly afraid of dogs, so she made sure I got the assignment to play with the dogs haha... I didn't mind!  They were little and cute!) and clean up the park for their adoption fair the next day.  It is always so great to do service!  I defintely encourage you all to find someway to help someone this week!  It really makes the week so much better :)

We had a ton of investigators come to church this last Sunday!  Including!!.... that random man we met on a train Sister Hardy's very first day with me!  I am pretty sure I wrote about it, but we were able to talk with a Hungarian man recently returned from America who had some limited contact with the missionaries before (like playing basketball with the missionaries).  He had expressed interest in coming to church on the train, but we didn't hear or see him since.  However, he had given us his phone number, so I called and invited him to church.  He told us he would come, but, honestly, I didn't really think he would.  We got to church on Sunday with another investigator and the elders told us there was a man waiting for us.  It turned out to be the train man!  He had read the chapter we advised from the Book of Mormon and came to church.  He told us he will come again next week and set up a time to meet during the week!  It was pretty neat :)

Basically, we see a lot of little miracles everyday!  God really does watch over us personally!  (Honestly, there have been moments this past week where it has all just simply worked out and I skip around singing, "God loves us!" haha)  But look for His help in your life!  I promise it is there :)

I have to run!  But have an amazing week!

I love you all!
Kramer Nővér aka McKenna

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