Monday, September 3, 2012

Home is where the heart is :)

Hello all!

This week will be quick!  I had a super dramatic moment in church yesterday when I realized that this week is probably my last full week in Szeged (transfers are in two Wednesdays (the 12th), and I am almost guaranteed to leave, seeing as I have been here for four transfers) and had a minor freak-out.  Turns out, I really really love it here.  (Surprise!)  And don't particularly want to leave.  But, I realized that I should probably come to terms with it and get everything done that I need to this week, so I will be more ready to go when the time comes.  So, I have been trying to come to terms with that depressing bit of my life, and packed our P-Day today FULL of stuff.  Which means I only have a little bit of time to email.  Sorry!  (Although I am sure some of you are grateful for the break from my small weekly novels :P)  I am learning that sometimes things end before we are ready to let them go.  But that really means we should make the time count- work as hard as you can and spend time with the people we love.

ANYWAYS, our week was good, really and truly, minor freak-outs aside!

Some updates:

We had a fun service project with the Relief Society!  We knitted hats on those little circle looms.  The nénis all loved it, commenting on how easy it was.  We all churned out hats, chatting and eating the necessary and much appreciated süti :)  The hats will go to some children's homes here in Szeged, along with some games that Sister Hardy and I have helped prepare.  I love service!

Had a super good program with Béla.  He had some questions about repentance, which led to an awesome lesson about repentance and then the whole point of religion and the gospel.  We were able to talk about how the Atonement is offered to help us change our natures.  We talked about how there is actual power in that.  It is not just nice words.  I have experienced God's help in my life to become a better person :)  Béla told us that we gave us him stuff that really made him think.  He marked the scriptures we used during the lesson (one of which was Mosiah 3:19, which was just so perfect because he was talking about how sometimes he felt like there was a part of him that didn't want to do what God wanted him to do) and told us that he is excited to go home and read them again and think about them some more.  I love that the truth we teach makes people THINK!!!  It is so cool to people gain testimonies one little bit at a time.

We were able to go visiting teaching this past week!  We went out to one of my favorite families, the Budaiék, to their house in a small city about 30 minutes away by car with Sister Adams and visit taught their mom.  The whole family was around, though, so, as we taught, we were able to color with the small 4 year-old, laugh with the teenages, eat delicious lemon cake that one of the daughters had made, hear the conversion story from the dad, and generally have an awesome time!  When it was time to go, the 4 year old girl asked her dad to pray that we wouldn't go, which was SO cute :)  I love the members here!  I love their love for and support for us :)  There were a couple of other cute stories this past week (I really feel like this ward is family!).  Géza (the much beloved member who always stuffs to bursting full of food!) came up to Sister Hardy and I after church and surprised us with big hugs!  He said, "Nobody saw that!"  Zoli, another member, was right behind him, and said, "I saw that!!"  And Géza was like, "No, you didn't either!" and skipped up the stairs calling us "tündérek"  ("fairies"... actual term of endearment here :P).  Another time, a member named Judit came up behind me and put her head on my shoulder and gave me a hug while she talked to me and the elders about when we could all come over for dinner this week.  Small things like this just make me feel so loved!  I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve in this branch that loves the missionaries and really helps us in our work :)  I also love just working with the members and helping them!  I really believe that we are out here just as much to strenghten the ward and the members as it is to find new people to teach about the gospel :)  And I have been privileged my whole mission to be surrounded by amazing members.  I have met so many faithful and inspirational people that simply try and do what God has asked.  Which is pretty dang awesome, if you ask me!  So, really, in the end, my own testimony has been strengthened so much through their examples and service :)  And I am just trying to give back a little bit!

Anyways, I am going to run!  Have a great week!  Make the most of it!  Serve those around you :)  SMILE!

Love you all!
McKenna aka Kramer Nővér

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