Monday, September 10, 2012


Hello all!

This is going to be SUPER fast!!!

Exciting news:  Number one, GABRIELLA IS ON BAP DATE!!!!!!  We had an awesome program with her about taking steps of faith (how often times, we need to take a step and then we get the confirmation of God... think of Indiana Jones and the invisible bridge.  He had heard it was there but he had to take action to find out for himself.  That is how God sometimes work.  We make decisions and then he lets us know if they are right.  He always catches us, always helps us, but I have found in my life that i have to take the first step.).  She decided to take this awesome first step of faith and will be getting baptized on December 1!  She is worried because she doesn't know everything and isn't sure how it all will work out with her job and everything, but she is trusting in God and the inspiration she has received so far that this is good and true!  She has been praying and reading from the scriptures regularly and has really felt the difference in her life.  She is such a special lady!!!!  She came to church this past weekend, after really feeling that she should, and felt so good there!  She has really found her place, I think :)  I am so happy for her!

The hard part about it is I will not be here to help her grow because.... I am getting transferred!  I got the call this morning.  I am going to Debrecen to serve with an almost-greenie named Sister Watts.  Sister Hardy knew her in the MTC and says she is awesome!  (I do know she is Australian!)  I am going to miss my little city SO MUCH though!  I know I have just gushed and gushed about it recently, but I have really enjoyed my time here!  I love this city, I love our investigators, I love the ward, I love my district, I LOVE MY COMPANION!!!!  I am going to miss Sister Hardy so much!  I know she needs this separation from her "momma"  (trainer), though, to spread her little missionary wings and fly.  I have total confidence in her to take care of our beloved city.  We had such a dream couple of transfers together, though.  I really do know that transfer calls are inspired.  We were so meant to be companions, mother-daughter, sisters, best friends!  I love her!  We cried a bit this morning after we got the call.  But, knowing that these calls are inspired, I know it will all be okay.

I have SO MUCH to do today, though.  I will send a much better, longer email next week with all sorts of interesting details about my new area (which is where De Leon started HER mission!!).  Until then, be good!  I love you all!  Thank you all for your support and love!

Kramer Nővér aka McKenna

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