Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. ~Thomas Jefferson - Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello All!

This week has actually been really hard.  Sister Johnson and I decided we wanted to try for Mission Standard (our mission president puts out a list of numbers (called Standard) to help motivate us, including things like how many lessons we taught, how many Book of Mormons we gave away, etc. that helps us to focus and work hard) in our first week as co-seniors.  We thought it would be a great way to make us stretch and to show everyone that we are here to work!  And that we aren't scared of the language :)

We didn't end up making standard :(  BUT.  We were super close!  We hit our goals in almost every area!  And it was a great goal to drive us to work hard.  I think by working so hard for it, we learned that we have the ability to do this co-senior thing.  It hasn't been easy, but we've had a lot of support and we've seen some small miracles :)

Some fun (and funny) moments from this last week:
-Singing songs at the hospital with Kati Néni. A nurse came into the room to see where the "angel sounds" were coming from.
-Listening to our investigator jam on the guitar while at Gofri Est (while trying to write my testimony in a Book of Mormon for his friend... and using the cell phone to check my spelling)
-Sister Johnson and I singing Disney songs (which we both know all of the words to haha) at the top of our lungs in our apartment.
-A random man offering us a ride in his car when we were fliering.  We gave him a Book of Mormon instead :P
-Doing tai chi (in a skirt) at a newly baptized member's home with the elders and some investigators.
-Somehow setting up a program with an entire firehouse haha!
-A member here telling me that I was the most beautiful missionary she's ever seen.
-Calling about a million people... and everyone told me to call back later.  Actually, one person told me to call back the next century (I don't think I will still be in Hungary by then haha).
-Calling the elders about a million times because we have no idea what we are doing.
-Tabling in the freezing cold with members and sick elders for Missionary Day.  And despite the cold, laughing and sharing the gospel anyways :)
-Teaching lessons all by ourselves... and somehow understanding what was going on!  And being able to resolve their concerns :)

So, it has been hard!  But I am grateful for all the great moments we had too :)

Love you all!  Have a great week!

McKenna aka Kramer Nővér

P.S. My 22nd birthday is next Tuesday (January 17th!  WEIRD.)  I have been on my mission for almost half a year!

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