Monday, August 20, 2012

Life is so much better with when we LAUGH!

Hello all!

This week has been SO BUSY!!!  There are NOT enough hours in the day to do everything!  A quick recap of everything that went down:

We had a few days so full of programs and stuff that we started at 8 in the morning and didn't finish till 8 at night!  So tiring!  And it is super hard to keep going without getting studies in!  My testimony of taking the time to study the gospel and the language has been reinforced this week!  It is so much harder to teach others if I haven't taken the time to get my own Spiritual fill in that day.  And so we are making sure that we protect our studies this week!  But I guess having so many people to meet with is a good problem to have :)  (Obviously it is!)  We had some really great programs, too!  Our investigators are asking really great questions and really starting to take steps.  One of my favorite programs was with our investigator Gabriella.  We had planned to talk about Jesus Christ's gospel, but we started talking and it went in a totally different direction.  She had questions about prayer and her worth in God's eyes.  It was so cool because that was the on e day we were able to have studies normally in the morning this week and everything we had studied worked perfectly for her program.  We were able to reference all sorts of scriptures, and she commented, "Really, all of the answers ARE in the Book of Mormon!  Everytime I have a question, you always pull out another verse!  I love this book!"  It was awesome :)  I was also able to bear my testimony on divine worth (one of my favorite topics) to her.  I told her that God loves her unconditionally.  God does not only love perfect people.  NONE of us are perfect.  God loves us, imperfections/mistakes and ALL.  He loves us and just wants to help us be better and happier!  I told Gabriella if she still couldn't believe God loves her, she could believe me.  I KNOW that God loves her.  I know that God loves you, whoever is reading this!  I have felt his love for me.  And I know he feels that big-ly and perfectly about you, too!  It was a very special program :)

We had a zone training this past Saturday.  The new president has decided to do zone conferences and stuff a little differently.  Instead of having one every transfer, we will have a zone training done by our zone leader every month and then every other transfer we will have a zone conference or interview with the President.  So this was a zone training.  Velasquez Elder gave an AWESOME training!  It was full of interaction and we all just talked about how we could be better in a few areas!  I really enjoyed it :)  A new focus of the president is to make our zones more interactive and supportive.  We were actually able to spend this last PDay together as a zone, which was way fun and worked perfectly with that goal!  We went to a local ropes course (super fun!  We were strapped in and basically played on a playground hung in the trees.  Got to zip line, too!), hung out at the Adams' apartment, had a sajt night (fried cheese night), and saw the fireworks for August 20th celebrations (St. Stephen's Day- celebrating the king that brought Christianity to Hungary).  We have a good zone!  It is weird, though!  I am the second oldest sister in the zone!  (and actually tied with my MTC sisters for third oldest in the mission)  I don't feel like I have been on a mission that long still!  I guess time really does fly when you are having fun and doing something so worthwhile!

The rest of our week has been pretty crazy-- we've had funny finding stories, struggles, random German stalkers of Sister Hardy, etc.  NBD.  Basically, missions are the time for some of the most random things ever to happen haha.  But also some of the best!  I am so glad to be here :)  I hope you all are able to laugh lots this upcoming week-- through the good and bad :D

Love you all!

McKenna aka Kramer Nővér


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