Monday, October 1, 2012

"For disappearing acts, it's hard to beat what happens to the eight hours supposedly left after eight of sleep and eight of work." -Doug Larson

Hello All!

This will be another quick email, sorry!  We have had quite the adventurous PDays these past two weeks.  Last week, we went to a place called Hortobágy, which is a very popular whip-purchasing spot among missionaries.  I bought my very own Hungarian whip there.  Don't worry, I learned a long time ago on my mission how to use it :)  I actually impressed the seller.  He handed me the whip to try out and wanted to show me how to crack it.  I told him I thought I would be fine and then went on to do my most impressive whip (haha I know approximately 3 different ones... aka I really don't know all that much), using both my hands and putting it behind my back.  He called me "ügyes" (clever) the rest of the day haha.  And then today, we took the train to a place called Tokaj with the Nyírigeháza elders and hiked up the hill there.  We joked that it might be the only hill in Hungary.  If not the only one, at least the tallest :P  It was fun :)  But all of these adventures are not leaving me with enough time to properly tell you about my week!  I will try and include one or two good things from this past week :)

Actually, most of our week fell through, so we ended up doing a lot of tracting.  And we took the time to look up some of the less-active members of our ward and give them a Liahona.  We actually had a neat experience where we tracted into a less-active woman.  We started to talk to her and she was like, "I am a church member!"  So we set up to come back and visit with her :)

We were able to bring Sister Cummings to a program with one of our investigators who actually lived in Maine for almost 10 years!  It was fun to talk about our shared love of New England.  Sister Cummings was able to share a lot of awesome life experiences about God's unconditional love for us :)  It was a great program :)

We had district meeting in Nyíregyháza this past week.  It was good!  Our district is made up of all of us here in Debrecen plus the four elders in Nyírigeháza.  We talked about district goals.  We would really like to do some presentations in the universities in our towns, so we are currently looking into that (already got clearance from our PR rep).  So, I will keep you updated on that!

We are slowly but surely getting our feet under us.  I have finally met all of the investigators, I feel like I better understand their needs, I know how to get around Debrecen (at least to the places I've been), I know quite a few names :)  So, it is going great!  It is feeling more and more like MY area, not just a random place.  We even found an Indian restaurant here!  (I loved the one back in Szeged!)  Sister Watts and I are getting along great (had a fun night last night after finishing weekly planning, of facial masks, Legacy, and an entire Milka bar haha).  I cannot believe how fast this transfer is flying, though!  We still have so much to do!  This is the missionary life :P

Remember GENERAL CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEKEND!  The prophet and apostles will speak to us!  This will be my third general conference on my mission and it is SUCH an awesome experience!  You should all check it out.  It will be online, I know!  And it is such a great opportunity for us to get revelation for our day and age!

I love you all!  SMILE :D

Sister Kramer

P.S. Sister Watts has been teaching me Australian English.  Which is pretty much its own language, I've decided.  Listen to what I have learned to say: "We have some hard yakka this arvo.  .... Fair dinkum."  Well, I kind of just threw the "fair dinkum" in there for fun (one of my favorite Aussie (or Oz, as they also say) words), but that is a real sentence.  Look it up :P
P.P.S. Totally just had a random woman come up to me and ask if I could type a letter for her, after seeing how fast I type hahaha.  We are going to try to meet with her :)  Yay for finding at all times and in the most random places!

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