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Arise and Shine Forth!! - Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello all!

This week has been so great!

We had the whole zone over for the Hungarian's version of Labor Day (they call it Work Day... and, basically, no one does work).  We went and saw a beautiful synagogue here in Szeged, had a photo scavenger hunt, ate palicsintas, and played game.  Pretty good day :)

Sister Papritz and I have been working crazy hard outside of that :)  And our work paid off!  We learned that we led the whole zone in numbers this past week!  We've been able to meet with a lot of new people, which is always great!

And, awesome story-- one of our newer investigators, named Evelin, is so cool!  She was one of the last people I spoke with during the 300 week, and I met with her a couple weeks ago with Sister Hudspeth while I was on splits.  Sister Papritz and I hadn't been able to meet with her, however, until this past Thursday.  Her program went so well.  We taught about the Restoration and she thought it all so interesting.  At the end, she said she was excited to go home and think because her head was just full of new ideas!  The next day, she came to Institute (a scripture study class) and a barbeque, on Saturday to a YSA activity, and to church on Sunday!  We met with her after church to talk about how she felt during all of that, and she told us that she has already been thinking about baptism!!!  We were shocked (we haven't really talked about it).  We were able to talk to her about a lot of her concerns (she is worried that she can't follow all of the commandments).  We talked about all of it and told her that she can slow down and take the time to learn more about all of this stuff (we have literally only met with her twice).  We promised her that the more she learned, the more she would want to follow the commandments.  It is so neat, though, because just through the activities, she saw the difference and happiness in the members and wants part of it.  I have high hopes for her :)

We also had district meeting this past week and it was so good.  I was able to share a success story and I chose to share a thought about my great-great-grandpa, who served a mission in Hungary in 1908.  I read some parts from his journal and letters about how the beginning of his mission.  He didn't know the language, didn't have materials, and didn't have a companion, but had such faith in the Lord.  He wrote about how he knew this was God's work and how if he worked hard, it would all work out.  By the end of his mission, he had learned the language, baptized people, translated the materials, started translating the Book of Mormon, and just worked miracles.  I know if we are humble, trust in God, and do our best, we will all see similar success in our lives.  (We also discussed Doctrine and Covenants section 4 and how we need to be focused on the Lord to qualify for his help and blessings.  Feel free to check it out!)

Other exciting news-- we had transfer calls this morning.  I have no idea how six weeks just FLEW by, but somehow it did and we were up for another call!  Sister Papritz and I are staying together, which is so so great :)  We were actually one of only two sister companionships that stayed together in the entire mission.  As for the rest of our district, Beaumont Elder is leaving Szeged to go to Budapest.  Our district was way tight this past transfer, so it's kind of sad to see him go, but we're all super excited for him to go and work his magic there (he is a very hard-working and good missionary.  He will be there to help transition in the new mission president at the beginning of July).  I am very excited for this upcoming month and a half.  Sister Papritz is now in her last transfer and we are determined to work super hard to make it the best one yet!

Also, Sister Papritz gave me a study journal this past week (I am obsessed with it!) and I wanted to share some of my thoughts that I wrote down.  I read this quote from C.S. Lewis that says, "The trouble is that relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing had yet been done."  I loved that because it is so true.  I think I see that so clearly on a mission, where every day we have to wake up and work all day long even though we just did that the day before.  However, that hard work every day is the key because little by little we get better and better.  But we always have to work at it.  There will never be a point when we don't have to pray or study the scriptures.  Rather, we always should try our best and God will always help us.  And, working with God, our nature changes for the better.

Anyways, sorry if this email is kind of boring this week... I'm kind of tired today (I think the anticipation of transfers always tires me out).  I hope you all have way more energy in this upcoming week and treat each day as a gift!

I love you all!
Kramer Nővér aka McKenna

P.S. A member here ordered the new For Strength of Youth pamphlet and lent us a copy in English.  I have been studying from it this past week and it is SO GOOD!  SO INSPIRED!  I encourage you all to read through it!  I love the section on agency-- direct quote: "Next to the bestowal of life itself, the right to direct your life is one of God's greatest gifts to you."  After reading that, I thought about how I am using and honoring this gift?  Do I respect my right to choose as much as God does?  Anyways, I know that the principles in it are good for everyone, not just for those ages 12-18 :P

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