Monday, November 26, 2012

"How did it get so late so soon?" -Dr. Suess ... (aka time is flying!)

We had lots of big events this week!  Since I spent most of my emailing time today sending in pictures for the mission slideshow  (it will comprise of pictures of the entire last year.  Seeing as I have been here all of that time, have had awesome adventures, taken great pictures, and most of the people I've served around have since gone home, let's just say I sent quite a few pictures in haha).  So, yeah, sorry for the shorter-than-usual email (although I am sure some of you are grateful haha)).  Anyways, I will just quickly summarize my week:

We had Zone Training in Miskolc.  After President Richards was here, the zone leaders were told to call these meetings to discuss changes in the mission.  However, after the training, it turns out there weren't really any big changes, like we thought there would be.  Instead, there was more of an increased emphasis on exactly following the white handbook.  I am grateful that I have always tried to do that on my mission!  I was also able to give my departing testimony.  I am not going to type up the whole thing here (maybe later I will type it up in a seperate email), but I can say looking back at my mission, I have learned a lot, grown and matured a lot, loved a lot.  I am so lucky to have had this experience!

The Thanksgiving Dinner was a success!  Our seniors are awesome and pulled through with an absolutely delicious traditional Thanksgiving dinner for 60 people.  We contributed two pies (apple and banana cream).

Our ward had a service project-- we cleaned up the streets and lawns around our branch house.  Sister Behunin picked up a LOT of cigarette butts and gum.  Gross.  We had two investigators come and help, which was awesome.  Service is so great!  I always feel so good after it :)

Sister Behunin and I are still doing great :)  (We have been talking and laughing lots!)  She has been sick this past week, unfortunately, but she is feeling better!  I have been bringing her up to speed on the ward and our investigators, as she will most likely be taking over the area after me.  I really feel like she is going to be perfect for that, though!  Love that girl already!!  Neither of us can believe we have only been together for only a week!

And just as an interesting note, it is apparently becoming tradition for me to last-minute play the piano and perform musical numbers here :P As I was practicing for church (after being told 20 minutes before sacrament meeting I would play), the Cummings and the branch president invited me to join their musical number.  So I ended up playing, translating, and singing in church.  I have to say, I really do feel needed here!  I love it, though!

Anyways, gotta run!

Love you all!!
Kramer Nővér aka McKenna

P.S. Totally decorated our apartment.... and started listening to Christmas music this past week!  LOVE IT :D  Yay for the holidays!!  Part 1 of two Hungarian Christmas days is coming up this week.  Kellemes Mikulást kivánok mindenkinek!!

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