Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hello All! - Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hello family and friends!

How are you all?  Wonderful, I hope!

First things first, my Dad had a birthday this week!  I don't really know if he is sensitive about his age (which he shouldn't be, if he is!) but I will refrain from mentioning a specific number and instead congratulate him on another fabulous year!  I would like to "publicly" thank him for his example and love!  I am grateful that he is my Dad :D

We had interviews this past week with President Baughman.  Basically, it is just like the zone conference I had last transfer (with trainings and the such by the mission president, his wife, the assistants to the president, and the zone leaders), but during some of the trainings, the president pulls us out one by one to interview us (ask us how life is going, etc.).  Don't worry-- my interview with him went find :)  I truly am loving life, which makes me really easy to talk to in these types of interviews :P  He did tell me that De Leon Nővér and I will almost certainly be seperated after this transfer.  We knew it was coming and now I know for sure, and have time to prepare accordingly!  We also had great trainings!  This time, our president and we discussed Christlike attributes.  I really appreciated the discussion.  I have been really enjoying the Christmas season as a time to focus on Christ. Love each other!  Sister Baughman made each companionship stand up and say two things they loved about their companion.  It was so cute to see 19-21 year old boy saying very sincere and sweet things about their teaching partners!  Yay for missions!  We are all about love and humility here in Hungary :P  We had a lot of funny moments with that, too.  For instance, the senior couples were in our training and stood and shared the things they loved about each other, too.  One of our senior sisters said some beautiful heartfelt thanks for her husband's testimony, hard work, and then, wiping her tears away, said that she loved that her husband rides a Harley Motorcycle.  Hahaha.  It was really funny (her and her husband love to joke around).

Our themed day this week was Superhero Day!!!!  We didn't QUITE dress up as superheroes, but we both wore the colors from some of our favorites.  Picture this: blue skirt, red shirt, black cardigan, black tights.  Who am I?  ..... Spiderman!!!  De Leon Nővér wore black and yellow as Batman.  (I have a really great picture of us standing next to a member wearing a green shirt (we told him he could be the Hulk dressed like that :P) but I will have to send it next week because we are emailing in the mission home today and we can't upload photos onto these computers.)  I studied spiritual gifts that day.  We performed service!  It was fun :D

De Leon Nővér and I have begun singing Christmas carols when we go tabling.  It is actually a great finding tool!  People hear us singing and want to talk to us!!  We actually had one man who asked if we had a CD and tried to give us money.  Instead, we talked about Christ and gave HIM a pass-along card :P  My favorite experience was with this little néni who stopped to listen to us sing then came and talked to me.  She told me she had never met a Mormon before, but heard they were great people.  I was able to give her a Book of Mormon and she walked away hugging it, telling me that she was super excited to learn more!  We ended up running into her the next day while we were tabling in a different spot.  She hustled over to us and excitedly told me she had read from the book!   She also told me she had something for me.  She dug through her purse and pulled out a cute little Christmas bell.  I wore it on my missionary tag for the rest of tabling :D

We were able to go to the Christmas devotional this last Sunday.  It was so good!  I highly recommend you check it out (my favorite was President Uchtdorf's talk-- check it out!!)

I am out of time!  Sorry this is short!  Will write more next week :)

Love you all!

McKenna aka Kramer Nővér

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