Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving - Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello family!

So I just had one of those unfortunate computer vs. human struggles, where I tried and tried to convince different computers that they wanted to upload my various photos.  However, after crashes, firewalls, and just plain machine stubbornness, I declared defeat and have decided you will have to wait for pictures next week.  Sorry :(

Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving!  (Okay, so I know that it was last Thursday, but we are celebrating it today here in the Hungarian mission!  I can literally smell the turkey right now (I am emailing from inside of the mission home today) and I am so excited!!!!  I love Thanksgiving!)  I hope you all had excellent Thanksgivings last Thursday and enjoyed that time with family and friends!

Anyways, this last week was great, despite the lack of American holidays!

We had our first snow here in Hungary!  ... yay!?!  I was tabling with Sister De Leon and the elders when we saw the flakes fall from the sky.  I did a little first snow dance.  And then remembered that snow is cold and wet... and I much prefer looking at it to being IN it haha :)  But that is okay!  We only received a light sprinkling and it has been very pretty!  And, honestly, most of it melted after a day.  Since we are in the city, I don't think we are ever going to get super heavy snow.  Interesting fact, though:  They don't shovel or plow the streets and sidewalks here in Budapest!  So I really don't want heavy snow!  Winter is a different experience in a skirt :P

I also went to a Catholic mass here.  Some of our investigators invited us, and, as they have come to pretty much everything that we have invited them to, we called our mission president and asked for permission.  He said we could go, so we went with our investigators one night to their mass.  I have been to mass before, but it was a different experience in Hungarian!  Well, basically, I didn't understand it haha :P  But it was fun to sing the songs (our investigators were very impressed with Sister De Leon's and my ability to pick up on the songs quickly).  Another fun note about these investigators (you have probably heard me mention them before-- Bela and Illona?) is that..... they have agreed to be baptized!!!  They both love everything they have read (Bela is the one who read the entire Book of Mormon; Illona loves the Liahonas) and feel that this is the right choice for them!  They are such a good example to me because they really listen to everything we teach them attentively and respectfully and truly take it to heart.

Some not so great news from this past week-- I totally got food poisoning!  We went to this little gyros restaurant, which had this little wall you could write messages.  I wrote this funny little note about coming all the way from Connecticut to try the gyros... and then it made me throw up that night!  Yuck.  And now it is false advertising on their wall!  Haha.  But after an uncomfortable night and day (where basically I just went wherever Sister De Leon told me to (we had meetings, programs, and tracting to do) but was very out of it), I was fine again.  So all is well :)

Some funny incidents from this past week:  I was asked out on dates!  TWICE!  (For those of you who don't know, as missionaries, we have a more strict set of rules that we follow on our missions than normal members.  One rule is that we don't date or do anything like that for the entirety of our missions.)  One man was super funny, actually.  He spoke English and told us that he wanted to become like the character Hitch from the movie (a consultant who teaches men how to talk to girls) haha.  When I told him that I couldn't go out with him, he incredulously said, "But Hungarian men are attractive!  Exhibit A: me! (referring to himself)"  It was actually kind of neat, though, because both times we were able to give the men Books of Mormons and talk about our beliefs and have some good conversations.  I really believe that when we focus on God and serving each other, our relationships will be better.  I believe that knowing God's love for us will help us love each other.  I'm so grateful for the example of my parents in loving and honoring each other.

Anyways, I am going to go play in our mission Turkey Bowl right now (wish me luck!) so I have to cut this email short.  This week was great, though, full of programs, love, and LOTS of Christmas music!!!

I wish you all a fantastic week!!  Love you all!!!

McKenna aka Sister Kramer

P.S. An American family came to church on Sunday and the mom was roommates with Robin Nielson in college!  The world really is so small sometimes haha :)

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