Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hello everyone!

Consecration week is at an end! Today marks one entire week, during which I spoke just Hungarian and gave up things that were dear to me (desserts and mail) to consecrate this week to the Lord. It's been a really special experience. Let me tell you a little bit about it:

Last week, we started speaking Hungarian once we left the Provo temple after doing a session there. The session was really special and powerful. Fun coincidence: I ran into a sister who had served in my ward in Connecticut in our session. She remembered every one of my family members' names. Isn't that cool? Unfortunately and a little shamefully, I couldn't remember her name and have since forgot it again. But it was a testimony to me of the love you grow for those you serve on your mission. Anyways, after the session, we were all prepared to start Consecration Week. Some members of my district waited at the temple doors for an extra little bit of courage to step through them and start this difficult thing. I was determined to show no reservations (my companion isn't as comfortable with the language and was really nervous about this week) and just march through that door to show that it was a great thing we were doing that we need not be nervous about! I was busy marching and literally had one foot moving over the threshold when a temple patron asked us where we were serving. I quickly halted and retracted my foot so I could tell him about Hungary in English! After that, we marched through the doorway and begin our Consecration Week.

It has turned out to be a really special experience! It's been hard, for sure. We don't get many of our own pleasures in the MTC, so it seemed SO HARD at first to give up desserts and mail! Especially since I got some interesting looking letters and reeeeally wanted to open them and see what they said (a special thanks to those who wrote me during this week! It was much appreciated!!)! We were invited to goodbye "parties" full of junk food! AND for the FIRST time in my MTC experience, they finally had Graham Canyon flavored ice cream while I was in the cafeteria! BUT!!! By giving up those things, it really drove home the point that they are not why I am here on the mission. I am here to serve my God and His children. Those things are nice, but I really rely on the Lord for comfort. It was really empowering to realize that I don't NEED those things I thought I needed so much.

Also, giving up English was NOT easy. It wasn't too bad with the other Hungarians (even though we mostly only know how to talk about gospel related subjects) but there are only 12 total Hungarian speakers in the MTC. EVERYONE else has no clue. And EVERYONE wanted to talk to me this week! I'm not sure why! But it was an interesting trial of my obedience. And I'm pleased to say, I remained obedient to my promise! I spoke only Hungarian! As my little brother's district told em today at breakfast, though, I am REALLY good at charades now :P I told them I have had a lot of practice here!

Anyways, I think sacrifice brings us closer to the Savior. After all, did he not sacrifice everything for us? Has he not suffered everything with us? Sacrifice enables us to be more legitimate representatives of the Savior, I think.

Not much time left! But some other great things from this week:

-Well, this actually happened last week but I forgot to write about it. I received one of my most favorite compliments ever! A sister told me she loved my outfit and style. She told me.... (wait for it).... that I have SWAG. I'm pretty sure that means I'm cool, now :P

-The TRC was great this last week! It was super comfortable and we were told we speak really well! Even though I know my Hungarian is nowhere near perfect, it was nice to hear :P And even though I have a long ways to go with speaking, I feel like I can understand (American) Hungarian really well! In the comment sheets, both individuals said that we had taught them new things and inspired them to change to be better. Woohoo! Fulfilling my missionary purpose now!!

-Also, we had General Conference this past weekend! Maybe my favorite weekend ever!!! For those of you who don't know what that is, basically the prophet and apostles and other leaders speak to all the members of the world on topics they felt inspired to teach us about. It was SO GOOD. My favorite talk was probably from Women's Conference (parents-- can you post it on my blog) by Elder Uchtdorf. If you haven't seen it, PLEASE watch it!!! It was given at an all-women's conference, so it is directed at women, but I think it is applicable to everyone! Watch it all the way through! There are some really powerful points in the talk, culminating in, basically, YOU are loved. (Psalm- "When I consider the heavens... what is man that Thou are mindful of him...? Answer: We are God's children!)So watch it! I also loved his talk during General Conference on Saturday. (His speaking style really connects with me, what can I say?) Another talk I really loved was by Tad R. Callister about the Book of Mormon. He talked about how the Book of Mormon and the Bible together are necessary for establishing the true church of God on the earth. If you are unsure what the Book of Mormon is or why we have it, check out this talk! SO GOOD! Also some other favorites (just for general knowledge purposes) were Elder Eyring's and Elder Hales. What were your favorite talks? And why? Or has there been a quote that has inspired you? Share it!


I leave for Hungary on MONDAY! We leave MTC at 1:30 or so and fly from SLC to PARIS FRANCE (!!!!) to Hungary! I am so excited to serve this special people that I ALREADY love!

Wish me luck! Send your letters to Hungary after Monday! (And PLEASE keep writing me! I appreciate you all so much!)

Love you all!

<3 McKenna aka Kramer Nover

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