Monday, September 12, 2011

Another Week (Hooha, Time is FLYING!)

Hello Everyone!

Today has been a GREAT day! Wonder why? Well, I'll tell you :P

-Adams, my little brother, came to the MTC today! YAY! He has been called to the Brazil- Porto Allegre North mission, but his visa hasn't come in yet. So, instead of going to the Brazil MTC, he came here to Provo! Today is my P-Day, so I was able to see him when he came in. My dad had said that he would be arriving around 12pm, so my companion and I made sure to wait by the curb about 10 minutes before then. I was so nervous that we had missed him! I was pacing the wall and scanning the entrance when I saw this tall figure just waiting by the gate. I did a double-take when I realized it was my older brother, David Seth. He had come (unexpectedly to me, at least) to drop Adams off! I was so excited to see him that I jumped up on the wall and yelled his name and waved my arms. Security wasn't too happy with me haha :/ But mostly because they thought I was yelling at random people or a friend. When I explained it was my brother and pointed to my brothers coming in the gate, the security man told me that I better go and say hi. (They like families here in the MTC.) So I ran over to the shuttle that had just driven in and gave Adams a giant hug! (We are allowed to hug family, don't worry!) We were able to take a picture of the three siblings :) I'm so happy that Adams... I guess I should start saying Elder Kramer, actually, haha! Anyways, I'm so happy that ELDER KRAMER is here! I'm so excited every time I see him on MTC campus! And I hope that I can help him adjust :)

-Another reason why today is awesome? We are getting kicsi (pronounced keechee) today! This means that a new Hungarian district is coming into the MTC today! There is something very unique about this district, though. I've never heard of this before, but there are NO elders in the district! Instead, we are getting three Hungarian sisters! Crazy! I was able to meet one of them already (verrry quickly. I just gave her a hug and welcomed her.) but we put little notes and treats in their room. We'll for sure meet all of them tonight! And then we will help mentor them through the MTC! Hungarians are all really close (because there are never very many of us haha), so I am so excited to get to know these new sisters!

Ready for my random list of stuff this week???

-I guess I've never really told you about the floor I study on, have I? It is mostly a 12-week language floor. Next door we have the Albanians, then down the hall are the Estonians (there are just TWO total! And elder and a sister!), and the Finns. Also residing on our classroom floor are the Greeks (all of them are from different countries in Europe!), the Georgian (there is only ONE elder!), and some random Spanish elders. It's a pretty awesome floor.

-We've decided to start SYL-ing (Speaking Your Language) every day we can. This is helping our language a lot already! I can tell! I think I am one of the best two speakers in the class. We've gotten to the point that we understand most of the grammar principles. Now it is just a matter of applying said principles and memorizing memorizing memorizing vocab! I am officially halfway through the MTC (weird) and I have a lot of work to do!!!!!

-We got new desks! They are great! They are big enough that our stuff doesn't slide off them! And we can write on them with dry erase markers. That really helps with memorizing! So far, I've memorized some commitment questions, the First Vision, and Moses 1:39. (I was actually able to recite the First Vision (one of my favorite passages of scripture) to David Seth today! I don't know that I did the greatest job (I got nervous saying it to someone's face instead of the air, like I normally do!) but I made it through it!)

-Everyone loves my shoes! The elders in our district thanked us for not wearing boat shoes haha. But I'm always getting compliments on the shoes I wear (so thank you Dad and Mom!). Both my running shoes (which are bright blue and yellow-green and are probably my favorite sneakers ever) and all my other shoes. I love that I can still have a little shoe collection here :) All my other clothes are working really well, too! I love that we can be colorful as sister missionaries! It's so fun! There is a give away bin on my floor that the Hungarian sisters and I have been finding cute items in. We've been storing them in a closet that we call the "Traveling" closet (first we had the traveling skirt (like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), then the closet haha). Anyways, I guess I just wanted you all to know that I am still me, even though I am a missionary!

-The weather is starting to get cooler. It's weird when I think that it is September already! I have been here parts of three months- July, August, and September! I can't believe it is starting to become fall. How is school, everyone?

-Some interesting Hungarian tidbits: Stephen (my father's name) is István (pronounced Eeshtvan) in Hungarian. For short, you can say Pisti or Pista (pronounced Peeshtee or Peeshta). In my class, we have created investigator characters for ourself so that other missionaries can teach us the lessons, and we've chosen Hungarian names to go with those characters. Cox Elder, in my district, named himself "Pista Kék" which, first of all, is backwards (in Hungarian, the family name goes first, so it should be Kék Pista), but, more importantly, is pretty funny because it is kind of pronounced like Piece of Cake.

-Another fun Hungarian word: hug (pronouced hoog). It means little sister! I love the English coincidence, though! I love giving my little sisters hugs :D They are just so huggable!

-A fun Hungarian phrase (translated): potato! Yup, it's about as random as it seems. Apparently, in Hungarian, when they fist bump somebody, they say (in Hungarian of course) potato.

-We had mission conference this past Sunday. We have it every Fast Sunday. Our mission presidency and their wives spoke and it was so good! They are all great men and women :) Our mission president decided to just go off notes and speak from his heart. He spoke about missionary work and about how he worries about us. He wants us to be the best we can be. He shared his feelings with us. I'm pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye in the room!

-I recommend that everyone check out and the "I am Mormon" videos! There are such a variety of people in this church! The gospel is for everyone! Because it is TRUE!

Anyways, I'm out of time! Keep sending me the letters and love! I really really really really appreciate all the support that has been shown!

I love you all! SMILE! Be happy!!!! I know that I am SO HAPPY right now! And it is the hardest thing I've ever done! But, I have a lot of peace and joy knowing that it is the right thing. And knowing that God loves me :) I wish you all that same peace and joy!

<3 McKenna aka Kramer Nővér

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