Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another week!!!!

Hello everyone!

I think that time goes way faster when you have a little clock counting down every second! I will try and say everything I want to this week anyways and just ignore the ever-decreasing number :D

Also, I actually remembered my camera connector this week but I can't figure out how to access my photos (the computers are locked). So, I will keep trying and ask around, but you might just have to wait for photos until I can mail some home.

Anyways, onto the MTC! My weeks are starting to be quite routine. I'm on the same schedule that I will be for basically the rest of the time here, with every day completely planned out. So, it doesn't leave a lot of room for variety in my days.

Here are some fun new things, though:

-My ability to lose things has hit new heights here in the MTC. So far, I've lost (and FOUND) my wallet, my ID card, my missionary tag, eyeliner, etc. etc. It's a serious problem haha :) But, like I said, I have found everything that I lost. And I figure the MTC is the best place to lose things, as people here are very honest.

-Every Sunday, we get to watch a church movie at night. This past Sunday, we watch Mountain of the Lord. That was my FAVORITE when I was little! I can't even remember the last time I watched it, but it was really fun to revisit it. Also, watching movies with missionaries (mostly elders) is a really funny experience. They tend to be a very vocal audience haha.

-Christensen Nővér and I have been going to early morning exercise classes. So far, we've attended aerobics and pilates. We want to go to kickboxing. The classes are every morning (except Sundays) at 6am, so sometimes it is hard (especially since we have stuff scheduled at 7am) but I really enjoy starting my day with something active.

-One of our elders (Greaves Elder) has created a dinner tradition. He gets three drinks, milk (white), juice (red), and sprite + blue gatorade (green). He calls it a Hungarian flag and drinks it in 12 seconds. Basically, I guess I'm just trying to say I am surrounded by 19 year old boys haha. But they are fun! And so good spirited!

-We got to teach in the TRC this past Thursday. Basically, the TRC is where volunteers come to be taught a lesson. Our volunteers all speak Hungarian, so we can practice teaching people who aren't our teachers. Anyways, Christensen Nővér and I actually got to teach someone from Hungary! The girl we taught was a convert from Hungary who had served a mission in England and was just visiting Utah. We were shocked when we realized she wasn't joking when she said she was from Budapest. She spoke really fast, but the crazy thing is that we understood her! (For the most part at least :P) That gives me hope for Hungary!

-Erickson Testvér gave us a really motivating speech last week about trying our hardest as missionaries. He shared a story of an investigator he had taught in Hungary named Istven. It was a really beautiful story, full of miracles that had put the missionaries in touch with Istven. He had a beautiful testimony of the Book of Mormon, calling it the "book of books." Erickson Testvér told us that Istven had to move before he was baptized. Istven believed and wanted to be baptized, but Erickson Testvér went home before it could happen. With tears streaming down his face, Erickson Testvér told us that he tells every group of missionaries that he teaches about Istven. He asks every group to find Istven and baptize him. Basically, we learned even more that as we serve people, we will grow to love them like our family. We don't want to baptize people just to baptize them and make them members of the church. We are sharing this message is because it makes us happy and we know it is the way to everlasting joy. We love these people that we serve and want them to be as happy as possible. It is possible through a relationship with God, a knowledge of His plan for us, and accessing the Atonement!

I know you all probably don't care about my "investigators" (my teachers playing characters based on real people) like I do, but I will share how they are doing anyways :P

-We are teaching Maté still :) We taught about prayer and how prayer is really a two-way communication between you and God. We taught him how to pray, by saying "Dear Heavenly Father;" then saying your thoughts, questions, feelings, concerns; and closing in the name of Jesus Christ. His character is a 41-year old man with a 20-year old son, so we taught him that much like he wants to hear from his son, God wants to hear from him. It was such a sweet moment when we heard him pray for the first time in front of us.

-We also taught Maté about Joseph Smith. We had him read part of Joseph Smith history and sang "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" for him. It was pretty special :)

-Daybell Testvér, who plays Maté, told Christensen Nővér and I after our last lesson that we spoke the best Hungarian out of all 4 of the companionships!!

-We also have a new "investigator" named Levente. He is a 23 year old who plays on a soccer team, has never had much to do with religion, but is interested in the Book of Mormon. He is kind of intimidating because he speaks really fast, but we are doing our best!

Anyways, I am out of time! Too soon, again!

Please write me :) I love hearing from you! Feel free to send pictures, stories, simple greetings, whatever :)

I love you all!

-McKenna aka Kramer Nővér

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