Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And the results are in!

I received my mission call....

For those who don't want to watch the video, I have been called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to serve in the Hungary Budapest mission.  For those of you who guessed, only one person predicted Hungary... an eight-year-old boy from my home ward :)

Where is Hungary, you ask?
Hungary is located in Eastern Europe.  It is landlocked, surrounded by Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Yugoslavia.

Interesting facts about Hungary:
-The official name of Hungary is actually the Hungarian Republic.
-Budapest is, in fact, two cities separated by the river Danube.  One side is called Buda and the other Pest.
-Budapest is also called the Heart of Europe, Pearl of Danube, Capital City of Freedom, Capital City of Spas and Thermal Baths, Capital City of Festivals, and the City of Lights.  I heard that it is one of THE most beautiful cities in Europe.
-Hungary has one of the largest thermal lakes and cave systems in the world.
-The main religion in Hungary is Roman Catholic.
-Hungary is 96% Hungarian, 2% Roma, 1% German, and 1% other (I will be a tiny part of that 1% other haha)
-Hungarians invented the Rubik's cube, the ballpoint pen, and the theory of the hyr
-My roommate on the folk dancing team told me she thought Hungarian dances were the most fun.
-Hungary is in the top-ten of the all-time medal count for the Olympics.  Apparently, they are really good at water sports?
-Hungarian is the distant cousin of Finnish (often thought to be the hardest language in the world for a non-native speaker to learn).  Hungarian traces its roots back to the language of the Huns.

(Hungarian example:)

However, the only Hungarian I know, as of yet, is how to say "little squirrel": kis mókus.  Haha.

I have to admit that I never even considered Hungary when I thought about where I would serve.  However, once I opened the call and read it, I knew that Hungary is the place for me.  It just seems like a perfect fit!

Plus, look at their traditional dress.  The colors!  The patterns!  It was meant to be :)

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